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Myanmar (Burma)

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Events and Festivals in Myanmar


Anada Pagoda Festival
Where: Ananda Pagoda, Bagan
When: One week preceding the full moon day of Pyatho (17 to 28 January 2016)
Duration: 12days
One of the most popular festivals in the country. Bowls of alms filled with crips are offered to monks who all wait in a ling line. Pilgrimage and holiday outings on country bullockcarts can be seen.

Manaw Festival
Where: Myitkyina, Kachin State
When: January 10 2016
Duration: 1 day
Traditional Kachin Manaw Festival to celebrate the New year. All the Kachin clans will congregate at Myitkyina to celebrate this event.

Naga New Year
Where: Layshi Township, Sagaing Division
When : 14 to 15 January 2016
Duration : 2 days
One of the most colourful ceremonies of the country. Different tribes of Naga gather by the hundreds in their colourful costumes to perform ritual dances.

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Travel Tips

General Information


1). We want to travel to Myanmar in our summer time in Europe, but people say there is a lot of rain there so its not a good time to do so. Is it correct?

The climate of Myanmar is tropical with three main seasons.

( 1 ) The rainy season is from mid-May to mid-October with an average temperature of 25-30 C. Although it rains heavily in Yangon and Inle Lake, traveling in Myanmar during this season is still enjoyable because Mandalay and Bagan lie in dry zones where it barely rains. For Inle lake, rainy season is the best. The lake, the mountains, the stream, the paddy fields , every where is green and clean. This is the most beautiful time for Inle lake.

( 2 ) The cool season ( Winter ) is from mid-October to mid-February with an average temperature of 20-24 C. This is the best season to visit Burma. Some regions in upper Burma, Kalaw ( South-West of Shan State ) and Kyaing Tong ( Eastern Shan State ), has a temperature that ranges between 5 – 10 C, so travelers may need to bring some warm clothes to tour around this area.

( 3 ) The hot season ( Summer ) is from mid-February to mid-May with an average temperature of 30-35 C. Although it’s a bit hot, our programs are designed to make traveling enjoyable as we avoid the heat by touring about in the mornings and evenings.

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