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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +95 1 / 229245
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586, Strand Road, Corner of 7th Street, Lanmadaw,
11131 Yangon
Myanmar (Burma)

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09:00 - 17:00

Columbus Travels
Golden Rock

Kyaik Hti Yoe(Golden Rock) Extension from Yangon

Trip Code: TOUR07
Destination: Myanmar ( Bago , Kyaikhtiyo )
Duration: 2 Days / 1 Nights
Trip Description


Located about 160 km from Yangon, Kyaikhtiyo is the largest domestic tourism centre. It stands on a gilded boulder precariously perched on the edge of the hill over 3615 feet above sealevel. There are many legends about the pagoda and Nat (Spirit Gods) shrines along the way from the base camp to the pagoda.

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Chin Hill

Chin Hill Extension from Bagan

Mt Victoria of 3400 meter high is the perfect place for nature lovers. Soft trekking, butterfly and bird watching are available. The old tradition of tattooing face is fading fast but still can be seen in some villages.

Roads are still very bad so this excursion is not recommended for rainy season ( May to Oct ). As for accommodations, only very simple guest house are available so this excursion is suitable only for the adventurous clients.

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Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong Extension(Land of Colour Tribes)

The most scenic town in the Shan State, Kyaing Tong lies about midway between the Thanlwin River and Mekong River valleys. It is situated 456 kilometres northeast of Taunggyi and 163 kilometres north of the border town of Tachilek opposite Mae Sai, (Thailand). It is 56 miles away from Mong Lar, a Chinese border town. Kyaing Tong means "Walled City of Tong" and Tong is a reference to the kingdom's mythical founder, a hermit named Tungkalasi. Historic center for the state's Khun culture, the town is surrounded by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages. Kyaing Tong is also known for colorful tribes.

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